Together we are photographers participating in a weekly project documenting our little ones.

aboutphotobritt redden ~ britt redden photography Why hello there! I’m Britt and my littles name is Cohen. Cohen was born with Down Syndrome, which hasn’t slowed him down even a bit. I also have 4 fur children, 2 dogs and 2 cats. After 10 years together I am so very happy to be marrying my high school sweetheart this Summer! We have recently moved back to the West Coast from Northern Alberta, and are so happy to raise our family where we both grew up here in Campbell River. I love taking photos of everyday life, I never want to forgot the in-between moments that so quickly pass us by.


chrissychrissy jordan – christine jordan photography Hi! I am chrissy. I am a mom of two perfect for me kids, 1 boy / 1 girl. I LOVE potato chips and peppermint tea… just not at the same time. After having kids i am now a very emotional person, they made me better. Odd fact: i am colourblind. I need photography in my life, it is my quite time and my therapy. I really love old classic cars and documentary movies. The images i make are mainly black and white, they feel right to me. I like telling stories with my photography and bringing emotion to those viewing them. My main goal is document my kids and the fun we have. My most recent on my to-do list is get in from of my camera, give my kids me… young me, fun me,  beautiful to them me.


Edmonton Family Photographer LifestyleChristy Wells ~ Christy Wells Photography Hi, I’m Christy. I’m born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, just like my husband, meaning chances are we are staying put here! It is here though that I am found balancing the life of a full time portrait photographer with that of wife, mom, sister, and daughter. I’m am so blessed to be the mom of three wonderful children; Lilly, Lyndon and Lynnea. They keep me inspired and although at times our life may seam slightly chaotic, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Dawn_bioDawn Schaefer ~ Peek Photography & Design Hello friends! I’m Dawn, the photographer-designer-all-around-creative-rain-loving-Seattle-girl behind peek photography + design. When I’m not taking pictures or obsessing over typography, I am busy chasing my three year old little man, joking around with my husband, road-tripping, ferry hopping, attempting to cook (badly) and drinking waaaay to much coffee (seriously, my caffeine addiction is out of control). I love that photography provides you with a memory on paper – something you can look back on years from now and remember exactly what point you were at in your life.


the wairehouse family photo 2017-1

John Waire ~ THE WAIREHOUSE  Hi!  I’m John.  Husband to Sara.  Father to three little crazies…Mady, Liam & Oliver…who truly keep us on our toes. We live in Baltimore, MD.  Love seafood.  And really appreciate getting our kiddos out and about to soak in the great outdoors. Life is good, crazy and ever changing. Photo credit: Marian Gunther


About Me - Photo by Elaine Melkoappelman images photography ~Kate Appelman Hi there!  I’m Kate and I have two bebe muses (2 & 4 years old) that you’ll see in these pics each week.   I also am the proud mama to a 5-year old Boxer we rescued when he was a teeny tiny puppy.  I’m addicted to sugar, chocolate and coffee. And caramel. And salt.  I do Crossfit. I’m no good at dancing but I do it anyway to make my kids laugh.  I live in the Chicago area but I’m from Michigan.  I’m tall.  And I make pictures. Photo Credit: Elaine Melko 2013

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ me-our.littles.collected1jennifer armstrong ~ jennifer armstrong photographyi am a mom, a wife, a meditator, a yoga practitioner & teacher, a would be mt. biker, a one-day-hope-to-be-surfer, an island girl, a lover of life & the opportunities i get to capture pieces of it through pieces of glass (& a camera body). photo credit: the oh-so-talented morgaine owens: http://pure-light-studio.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ about (1)jessica croshaw ~ jess croshaw photography Here’s more about me, the person behind the camera.  I am a mommy of four energetic kids and the wife of one very patient husband.  I am also a professional leftover eater.   I have a secret desire to train for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  I could use Minnesota’s great sand beaches and train for volleyball, right?   I love having fun and finding those special moments in life to capture and never forget. Photo credit:  Paisley Ann Photography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ jessicavaughnjessica vaughn ~ jessica vaughn photography Hi!  I’m Jessica of Jessica Vaughn Photography!  I’m married with four kids (Grace, Brynn, Riley & Liam)  When I’m not busy wiping noses and cleaning up messes I’m capturing moments for other families.  I pour my heart and soul to everything I do and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m a midwest girl but a west coast girl at heart.  I drive my husband crazy with talks of living near the beach and dream about it often.  I believe that no moment is too small and nothing too insignificant.  I love getting to photograph families and their little ones and feel truly blessed to do what I love for a living! Photo credit: Rachel Vanoven Photography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Katherine_OurLittleskatherine – lamb loves fox I’m a snap-happy mummy of two living on the east coast of Australia. Lamb is my loud, precocious, energetic three year old daughter with a talent for the dramatics and a sweet, soft heart. Fox is my happy, bright little 9 month old son. He is stubborn and determined but he is also very sensitive and a bit of a mummy’s boy. When I’m not busy photographing, entertaining or cleaning up after my children I enjoy a bit of crochet while sipping hot chocolate and watching the latest episodes of Miss Marple or Poirot. I can also cross my toes, but only on my right foot.


michelle wells photography liMichelle Wells Photography  ~ Michelle Wells Me in a nutshell: I am a mother, a wife, a lover of life. Happy, easygoing, and genuine. I am a photographer. When I’m not taking pictures or creating something at least once a week I get grumpy. It’s my way of expressing myself. I love singing while driving, my family and friends, babies, flip-flops, reading, travelling, laughing, and alone time.


nycky-jay vanjecekNycky-jay Vanjecek~bluetree photography . I am a mom to happy and hilarious little boy and expecting our second baby boy very soon. I am a wife to an incredible man who is ever so supportive. I cannot get enough of my little guy, who seems to grow after each time I blink. He is the biggest reason I picked up my camera again and started photographing with purpose. I call Campbell River home, it’s ocean and rainforests make this prairie girl breathe deep happy breaths. Photo credit: Kimberley Kufaas Photography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20130709_8297_bw_webRobin Bonner~ Robin Bonner Photography My love for photography has grown out of my love for my children and my desire to hold on to every sweet, silly, chaotic moment of their lives. I strive to capture their raw expressions and emotions of joy, fear, wonderment, excitement, and pure love. Documenting this fleeting time has become a passion for me, as I attempt to tell the story of our little family through photographs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sherri personal (1 of 1)sherri abrams ~ sherri abrams photography Hello, My name is Sherri from Edmonton Alberta. Wife, Mother, sister, cousin, aunty, niece and hilarious friend. I love movies. I’ve seen them all, I love the weird ones. I love cupcakes and bacon….nuff said! I love walking. Life with kids is crazy, in the best way. I love making people laugh. My character and how I make others feel around me is very important. I hope my friends and family would say that about me….maybe I should get them to write this for me? I love Photography. No posing. No backdrops. Real lifestyle…..Real life…and I just happen to be there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ © Wild Rose Photography 2013Sherrie Ellis ~TIKA photography Hello! I’m Sherrie.  Mom to sweet, busy twin boys Jesse and Jordan and fearless daughter, Taylor.  Wife to my loving and supportive husband Levi. I am a country living, music loving, adventure seeking, coffee addict.  I love to sing and dance with my littles, spend time with family and friends and share stories around a summertime bon fire. Im am a nurse by trade but photography is my passion; capturing life’s little moments one photograph at a time. xo Photo credit: Wild Rose Photography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ amanda kenworthy andres – amanda andrews photography amanda stewart – penny apple photographyChelsey Burglin Mach – MachC Photographyemmy-lou mcmillan – e/a photographyjoey boylan karen milstein mckinnon – mckinnon photographykristen lyons

Other contributing photographers:

DeAnna McCasland ~ DeAnna McCasland Photography dana fiorito – ilo photo emily tesnow ~  emily tesnow photography michael albert ~ michael albert photography rose dykstra ~ simply rose photography



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